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Go to the AXS Staking dashboard, use the "stake" button, then select the desired AXS amount – press "stake" again, and approve the transaction via your Ronin wallet that pops up. Your AXS are now staked. You can use the staking dashboard to see your rewards live, as well as the current APY which is changing over time.

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Once you have successfully activated the Ronin wallet, you will see two alternative options for the Active Ronin Wallet table. Deposit to Ronin is the option to top up the wallet, vice versa Withdraw from Ronin is to withdraw money from the wallet. Choose one of the two options and you will see a MetaMask unlock message appear.


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Using a reputable hardware wallet is the best choice you can make to maximize the security of your Ronin wallet. With a hardware wallet, even if your device is infected with malware, your Axies and Ronin wallet should be safe. As of today, Axie Infinity and Ronin currently only support Trezor hardware wallets.

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To add Ronin wallet as a Chrome extension, choose this option after clicking on the Ronin wallet choice as a means of signing up. Clicking on the extension icon on your Google Chrome browser will present a drop-down menu that shows you your Ronin wallet.

Welcome to Ronin – The Axie Infinity Wallet

Download Ronin Wallet. Don't get hacked! Secure your Axie Infinity accounts using a Trezor hardware wallet. Exchange SLP on Binance . 5% Discount on fees! is an unofficial page for Ronin wallet. We have no official connections with Sky Mavis or Axie Infinity. This webpage was created hopefully to prevent the spread of links to ...

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8 hours ago Activate Ronin Wallet in Axie Infninty, guide to activate Ronin Wallet to buy Axie Create an account Ronin Wallet. After you have created your Axie Infinity account, you will be redirected to the main interface of your Axie Infinity account. Here, click Activate Ronin Wallet as shown below. Choose Set up email & password. Show more

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Choose "Log in with Ronin Wallet". Sign the prompt from your Ronin wallet that will pop up on your screen. Choose a username and press 'Save' There you go! You now have an account on Axie Infinity. Now onto the finer details of your Axie account. 3. Set up your email and password on your Axie Infinity Account

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4. Create a Ronin Wallet. The next step is to create a Ronin Wallet. It is very similar to creating a MetaMask wallet. After installing the Ronin Wallet extension, a prompt will show up, click on Get Started to start setting up your wallet.

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Create Ronin Wallet. 2. Get Axies. 3. Account Creation. 4. Download & Play. Getting Started With Axie Axie Infinity is a virtual world full of fierce, adorable pets called Axies. Axies can be battled, collected, and even used to earn cryptocurrencies with real value. Let's learn how to set up your digital wallet, buy Axies, and download the ...

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Create your Ronin wallet and add it as an extension for your browser or mobile device. 3. Buy your first Axies and set your team up – you'll use them throughout the game in Adventure and Arena mode. On the screen of the third step, you'll see a link to the Axie Infinity Marketplace. Click on it.

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There are three steps to setting up your Ronin Wallet. The steps in setting up your Ronin Wallet are similar to MetaMask above. 1. Create a password. 2. Write down and store your seed phrase in a safe place. 3. Fill in the correct words from your seed phrase in the position asked for. You now have a Ronin Wallet.

Ronin Wallet - Welcome to Ronin – The Axie Infinity Wallet

Binance to Ronin Transfer. Now let's do it vice versa, this time let's take a look at how to transfer SLP from Binance to your Ronin wallet. Again, open Binance and log in to your account. Hover over the wallet tab and choose Fiat and Spot. Again, on the "Search Coin" bar type SLP, however, this time, you will click on Withdraw.

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Use Ronin Wallet to: - Manage your digital identity and experience true ownership of your assets. - Send transactions without paying expensive gas fees Ronin wallet will be continuously upgraded to introduce a new generation of users to the glorious benefits of …

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Sign the prompt that will pop up on your screen to link your MetaMask wallet; Go to your Ronin wallet extension, copy your Ronin wallet address, and paste it under "Ronin Address." Make sure that your Ronin wallet address starts with "ronin:" Click "Asset" and select "Eth" Enter the amount you'd like to transfer and click ...

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This is an important step because to use Axie Infinity's client and their web app, you've to sign up with your MetaMask account to access your funds. Thus, you'll need your ETH to actually make a purchase. #4 Download Ronin Wallet. After you've transferred some ETH to your MetaMask, you need to download the Ronin sidechain wallet.

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Please note - for educational purposes I've shown the seed phrase for this wallet so you can understand the process of setting up a wallet. Never show anyone...

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To open Ronin Wallet, click on the Ronin Wallet extension. 3. Click on "Get Started" After you've clicked on the Ronin Wallet extension, a pop-up will open. The pop-up contains a "Get Started" button. Click on "Get Started" to start the Ronin Wallet set up. 4. Select "I'm new. Let's get set up!"

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Ronin Wallet is your boarding pass to a new digital nation. This extension allows users to play Axie Infinity and other decentralized applications running on Ronin, an Ethereum sidechain built specifically for Blockchain games. Use Ronin Wallet to: - Manage your digital identity and experience true ownership of your assets.

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Setting up a Ronin wallet; Creating an account; Buying a team ; Start playing! 1. Setting up a Ronin wallet. Download the Ronin wallet for Google Chrome or Firefox. Note that the Ronin wallet is compatible with a Trezor hardware wallet and that you can add multiple addresses under one account (seed phrase). Ronin is a sidechain to the Ethereum ...

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This post will guide you through setting up a Ronin wallet address, because this is the most common payment method. Why is the most common payment method? Ronin is the easiest way for the scholarship program to handle pay-outs, because there is only one transaction: from the scholarships Ronin wallet to the scholars personal Ronin wallet.

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Ronin Ethereum Sidechain. . Sky Mavis is currently creating Ronin — an Ethereum-linked sidechain made specifically for Axie Infinity. A Ronin was a samurai without a master in feudal Japan and Ronin represents our desire to take the destiny of our product into our own hands.

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Ronin's integration has enabled Covalent to extract granular and programmable data on the blockchain. Developers are able to access rich data with our unified API with just a few clicks on the browser. Covalent is the only company that has indexed the Ronin chain and we are able to draw out deep insights and analytics.

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My Ronin wallet does not pop up or show any transaction when I try to buy axies (, v:1.3.1) The Do solve: i cant buy axies when ever i am clicking the buy button it is showing check your mobile wallet but in my mobile wallet nothing is happening please fix it asap

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StepbyStep Guide: How to Create an Axie Infinity Account. Preview. 2 hours ago To create an Axie Infinity account, go to the Marketplace page and click on the Login button on the top right. The website will then ask you how you want to login. Choose "Login with Ronin wallet." Another prompt for your wallet extensions will show up, just confirm them.


Instructions to Set Up Ronin Wallet To Play Axie Infinity With a tick on the affirm button tab, you will be signed into the Axie Marketplace. The subsequent stage requires setting up your name and other fundamental subtleties like your email and secret phrase.

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The final step is to attach your Ronin Wallet it to your Axie Infinity account. Click on "Attach Ronin to Account" under the Activate Ronin Wallet box, in the middle of the Dashboard . Ronin pop-up will appear, click Confirm.

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its sad you lost your axies :( Ronin devs need to step up their securitya similar issue has happened to youtube in the past because every button was a specific URL link so scammers can easily steal a youtube account's channels and pass ownership of the channels to the scammer my theory is they have a bunch of buttons/scripts on the fake ronin wallet that once you click it …

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RONIN WALLET SIGN IN HE AXIE INFINITY WALLET. Preview. 8 hours ago Ronin wallet is the wallet based on the Ronin blockchain for Axie Infinity players. Very much like MetaMask and some different wallets, it is a program augmentation wallet.This implies that for it to work impeccably, it should be added to a program.

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Once you're on the login page, click on "Login with Ronin Wallet". A pop-up message will then appear on the screen. Click on "Confirm" to confirm the Signature Request. After you've clicked on "Confirm", you'll be logged in to the Axie Infinity Marketplace.


Ronin wallet is the wallet based on the Ronin blockchain for Axie Infinity players. Very much like MetaMask and some different wallets, it is a program augmentation wallet. This implies that for it to work impeccably, it should be added to a program. Other than utilizing the wallet to play Axie Infinity, merchants can likewise utilize it to do different exchanges due to its low exchange …

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The Ronin Block Explorer is an analytics platform for Ronin, an Ethereum side-chain built by Sky Mavis.

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Buy, sell and explore Axie Infinity in-game collectibles.

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The latest Tweets from Ronin Wallet (@Ronin_Wallet0). Ronin Wallet is the official sidechain wallet for Sky Mavis' blockchain play-to-earn game Axie Infinity. Available for both Chrome and Firefox

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When creating a Ronin Wallet and a Metamask Wallet, always back up the Seed Phrase also known as the Secret Recovery Phrase in a piece of paper, notepad or anywhere you can find again. Both Ronin and Metamask has their own Seed Phrase.